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The most beautiful song

Documentary maker Paula Rennings, Maastrichtian born and bred, is on a search for the most beautiful carnival song together with ethnomusicologist Bart Vonk. They find members of an old generation like an aged member of carnival society De Tempeleers named Willy Hageman, song writer Annie Van Loo, and John Hoenen, founder of the first Zaate Herremenie (“drunken orchestra”); all representatives and protectors of the tradition. Samba band Segura! and the singers of Zoeper take a fresh approach to the tradition, using modern ideas about style and text, but no less passion for the festitivities and music. The decision lies in the hands of the Maastrichtian. Everyone bursts into song before the camera when asked the question “What is the most beautiful song", in Maastrichtian Limburgish.

"A brilliant documentary, filmed intimately."
Stan Rijven, in Dutch daily newspaper Trouw

Scenario and direction: Paula Rennings & Bart Vonk
Camera: Maarten Schellekens
Sound: Pieter Vlamings
Editing: Paula Rennings
Animation: Martin Melis
Audio post processing: Bob Kommer Geluidstudio's

#Documentary  #Short movie  #video  #Autonomous work  / P&P