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Clients tell



It is well managed to catch some pretty abstract concepts in a simple, humorous way and bring a piece of necessity.

~ Anouk Pruijn | Service Management Officer ABN AMRO

The humor in text and image contributes strongly to the message we want to convey.

~ Lies Maliepaard ABN*AMRO - IT Run Manager Finance, Risk, FM, B&C and HR systems

The colleagues reacted very enthusiastically; with loud applause !!

~ Alfred Klaver, Manager communication and education, Naktuinbouw

We asked P&P to make an explainer video about a working method. They first discussed our question with us. Were we asking the right question? If the method is so obvious, why wasn’t it being used already? Thanks to Johanna’s keen eye and her thorough questioning, it became clear that our managers did not all have the same process in mind when they used a certain expression. That was the cause of some confusion! Our first step, then, was to decide on new terminology, and after that, we could get started on the script. The way P&P’s script meeting is organised gives the sensation of being in a pressure cooker, but in a good way – it allows for much quicker decision-making. The final result was comprised of two short whiteboard animations that were recognisable to everyone in the company: one video outlined the problem with laser precision, while the other presented the solution in a nutshell. The mild humour and sharp outline of the situation made these videos so fun to watch that it even has a lot of viewers outside the intended department, who are also learning from it.

~ Thérèse van Vinken, TvV Education (ASML)

Putting into practice our market vision, the Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere expansion programme of Rijkswaterstaat is intended to change the attitude and behaviour found between commissioners and contractors, with the purpose of improving co-operative relations. At SAA, we call this servant commissionership. P&P regisseurs used a case from the field as a basis for an animated video that strengthens our message. The resulting video is very pleasing, visualising what Servant Commissionership is all about in a humorous way. The project assignment takes centre stage; it can only be realised through solid collaboration. The same applies to the creation of the animation, which was achieved on time, on budget, and within scope!

~ Margit Wedema, Dutch government infrastructure and water management agency - Rijkswaterstaat

Working with P&P was a real pleasure, thanks to their professionalism and their flexibility. They helped guide us, as clients, by being very clear right from the start about the production schedule and when decision-making moments would be planned. This made decision-making about the content of the video a breeze. The video achieved its purpose: even two years later, we still refer to ‘the animation film’ at the start of a new process.

~ Annette Lijdsman, Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority

P&P, Johanna and Lex make a nice trinity together. Johanna is uniquely gifted at explaining tough matters without ever talking down to people. And Lex’s drawings are unparallelled. P&P are particularly good at understanding the situation; all they need is a quick briefing and they see what I’m getting at. Working with them is a form of co-creation – I’m involved in every decision as a client. This team’s products are top-notch across the board: the narrative, the humour, the technical quality. The difference with other producers is hard to miss.

~ Marjolein Scholenman, AVANS University of Applied Sciences

Johanna Kroon wrote the change narrative for the Dutch government’s internal auditing agency ADR for the change plan ‘ADR; Uw kritische vriend’ (‘ADR: Your Critical Friend’). With her knowledge of change communication and storytelling combined with her government experience, she is a much-needed specialist when it comes to the use of change narratives while changes are taking place.
P&P regisseurs translate Johanna Kroon’s change narrative (script) – which she wrote based on background information and various interviews with people at ADR – into an entertaining and effective visual message, taking on the form of a whiteboard animation film. Their approach, encompassing everything from doing interviews and writing a change narrative to delivering a successful visual translation, supports ADR change communication in terms of process, content, visual and sound. Their unique approach has proven to increase a willingness to change in other organisations and to help bring about successful change. That is ADR’s ultimate goal as well.
The final product can be used sustainably (for two to four years), and is not only suited for communication with employees, but also with ADR commissioners.

~ Anneke van Zanen - Nieberg ADR general director