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Before we start, there’s an important question we need to ask: what has brought about the need for a video? We like to keep our eyes on the goal. At times, this can be a short video. Other situations might call for a longer feature, for instance, when an organisation is about to be affected by a major change, or when a change in the employees’ behaviour is needed. We take the time necessary.

The workflow for our whiteboard movies

Screenwriting is the most sensitive phase in the process. This is when the strategy and concept are determined. We help you think about what’s necessary. By working together, we can write an understandable, effective story.
In the production phase, the film takes shape. Everything comes together. This process is fully overseen by us, Paula Rennings and Pieter Vlamings – we make sure the schedule is adhered to, keep an eye on the coherence of the project, facilitate those involved, and guarantee a perfectly-made film, delivered on time.

1. Content

Strategy & concept:
Before we actually start, we work with you to determine what the video should be about. We ask you what has brought about the need for a video. What is your aim? What do you hope to achieve? Is whiteboard animation even the best means to reach this end?
We are often handed a large pile of documents detailing what the video should be about. In order to get a hold on the real story, we interview some of the people involved: those who came up with the plan, the person who holds the final responsibility, and the people who will encounter the results of the plan in their daily lives (such as customers, employees and team leaders). Our screenwriter Johanna Kroon isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions, which helps her reach a storyline that is best suited to the job at hand.
Script discussion: 
The storyline forms the basis for Johanna’s script, which is then presented to the project group working on a mandate. The definitive script is established in this meeting.

2. Production

The script is divided into scenes, which make up the storyboard. Our artist Lex Dirkse is tasked with providing an extra layer. These animations are meant to be more than window dressing: they should actively reinforce the story, be amusing, and connect all different script elements together. Even when it comes to “undrawable” things, Lex never fails to surprise us with a creative solution. The artist presents his suggestions (i.e. his sketches) to the commissioner, the director and the screenwriter in a joint session. During this meeting, company-specific elements can also be proposed to be added the animation.
A whiteboard animation also needs a voiceover. The voice work is recorded at the client’s location or in a sound studio. Lex’s drawings are filmed in a studio. 
The time has come to combine the art with the sound. After this, all elements are animated and provided with special effects. We do this in collaboration with Brandspanking’s Jos Wabeke. Finally, we head to Jeroen Nadorp, of Bob Kommer Studios, to really make the video come to life. Jeroen is a sound effects expert.


We deliver our videos digitally. The size we use should be suited to almost any application. Nonetheless, if you wish to show the video at an ultra-large size, or if you require a very low resolution for your intranet, we will adjust the size for you – no problem, and at no added cost.

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