Genre: Documentary
Duration: 52 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Vacination Damage Cured

In this fascinating and touching documentary Dr. Tinus Smits (†2010) explains his treatment method, and parents of ill children tell their experience with vaccine damage and the amazing improvements with Dr. Smits’ therapy. It includes dramatic before-and-after stories of children cured of vaccination damage.

25 years ago he stood in front of the class, teaching French. Now he is a successful homeopathic doctor in Holland. Tinus is a passionate man with just one aim: finding better forms of treatment for his patients. Yet he has to appear in front of the regional medical disciplinary tribunal. How come?

Tinus fights against the established opinion that vaccines do not have any chronic side effects. A fight, he is not being thanked for. In this documentary Tinus explains how he arrived at his conclusions and parents of ill children tell their experience with vaccines and the treatment by Tinus. As a parent and director I find it important to tell this story because I personally had my children vaccinated without thinking as I was completely unaware of the possible dangers.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 51 minutes
Availability: Worldwide

Freedom of Choice in Medicine

Dr. Tinus Smits (†2010) has developed a natural cancer therapy based on homeopathy and supplements. In this documentary, three such patients with "incurable" cancer describe their healing by Dr. Smits’ treatment. The documentary further explores the medical establishment's lack of acceptance or even hostility towards such alternative therapies, expressed by the inspector of health. Rogier Hoenders (a psychiatrist) gives his frank opinions about the position of alternative medicines and about why it is so difficult for alternative doctors to do research. The documentary pleads for the patient’s freedom to choose therapies that have proven their effectiveness through centuries of use.

Why does the medical disciplinary tribunal no longer allow Tinus Smits to claim that he is able to treat whooping cough using homeopathy? Why is the effect of homeopathy not accepted? Why is it possible for Tinus to research the effects of his cancer therapy in Nepal, but not in the Netherlands?

Are we, as patients, still free to choose for ourselves? Or are we forced to choose for a treatment that is grounded in “hard” scientific evidence? If this is the case, it would be a grave situation. In this documentary, I plead for our freedom of choice; our freedom to choose therapies and treatments that have not (yet) been proven scientifically, without those providing our treatment being summoned to appear before the medical disciplinary tribunal.

As well as Tinus Smits and his patients, Rogier Hoenders and Maarten de Wit talk about their experiences. Rogier Hoenders is a psychiatrist. He founded the Centrum Integrale Psychiatrie van Lentis Groningen (Centre for Integral Psychiatry of Lentis in Groningen). He conducts doctoral research on the effect and safety of complementary and alternative treatments for psychiatric disorders. Maarten de Wit is the Health Care Inspector who summoned Tinus to appear before the Medical Disciplinary Tribunal in Eindhoven in 2006.