The Challenge of Change

In addition to making a film, we have developed another important role, namely that of analyst and process accelerator.

P&P working method for films about Change.

Communication with change management is not easy. 80% of the desired changes do not get off the ground. There is a lot of consultation - with or without external agencies - and ultimately the story does not get concrete. The plan crumbles into container concepts and empty promises and nobody can get started.
We usually fly in when the the thinking is more or less completed.
But during the script phase it becomes clear that there are still different ideas about the changes, that different accents are considered more important.
Creating the script then works like a pressure cooker.
When we are finished, there will ultimately be one common story that everyone agrees on, it provides grip so people can get started. 
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Depending on the goal and the budget, P&P will come to a form that will help you reach your goal.

A client within Rijkswaterstaat recently said to us: “You actually do much more than make a film. We have received much more ......! ”
Over the years we have developed a working method to help change processes within organizations succeed. See this movie here.

​What is the goal?

What has to happen?
  • Communicate multi-year policy plan -  -  MJB Avans 2011-2014 - Dutch
  • Implementation of a new course - NVWA
  • Motivate employees - - 'De Elfstedentocht van 2013'
  • Ensure connection - 'Stadlander'
  • Creating commitment - 'Wij en de anderen'
  • Achieve self-reflection - 'Kopje koffie deurwaarder'
  • Creating awareness -- 'Meneer Berghuis maakt zich zorgen'
  • Create publicityEducation -'Omgevingsvergunning toezicht'
​What is the goal?

​What does it cost?

But what are the costs of having a company film made? Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to quickly make a budget for your film or animation after a telephone conversation.
Cost factors for a movie:
• Number of days of filming and the number of locations
• Is research needed?
• One or more voice-over
• Music including rights
• Writing texts by copywriter
• Purchase stock images
• Having animation or motion graphics made
• Drone footage
• The use of actors
• Subtitling and translating the film
• Length of the film
​What does it cost?


We deliver our videos digitally. The size we use should be suited to almost any application. Nonetheless, if you wish to show the video at an ultra-large size, or if you require a very low resolution for your intranet, we will adjust the size for you – no problem, and at no added cost.

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