Wanneer een Whiteboard Film?

The challenge of bringing about change

The videos we make are about change. The changes may entail a new long-term policy or the introduction of a method of working, and they can all cause tension within an organisation. That’s why we produce videos that explain just why changes are taking place. Our videos aren’t about a company’s current achievements, but about the journey toward improving results even further.
We think that change videos are more interesting than videos that simply extoll the achievements of a company or product. As tastes evolved over the years, viewers no longer believe in fairytales or braggadocio.
Change videos are also interesting to us because they’re about development. They show a movement from the current state of affairs into the future – for example, a long-term policy plan. This frequently causes rising tensions within an organisation, as people are averse to change.
A video that explains why, for instance, new software or a new method of working will have to be used in the future is also about change. With a video like that, our aim isn’t to explain how this new software or method will work; rather, it’s to demonstrate why things have to change and what this will mean for the viewer.

Why our whiteboard animations work

  • Our animated videos make difficult things easy, and boring things fun. No one is waiting for more managerspeak or complicated diagrams. Our videos show relatable situations. Viewers will understand the story and feel they are being engaged personally: “Hey, this is about me!” 
  • There’s one question that crops up time and time again: “What’s in it for me?” Our videos foster support for changes taking place, as well as goodwill for the organisation. After watching them, people will be convinced this is the way forward. 
  • Our videos are humorous and soothe old sores. They help make room for constructive dialogue.
  • We keep in mind that people will be wondering why. Why is change required at all, and why is it being handled the way it is? 
  • Since the message is presented as a narrative video, it will leave a stronger impression than a simple factual summary.

When is a whiteboard animation called for?

Whiteboard animation is a perfect medium for fostering support for a new strategy, a new way of working, a new position, a new idea, or a change. The more the points below apply to your situation, the better the odds are that we will be able to create an effective change animation for you to increase support for your plan.
  • The project or change will take place over a longer course of time, and will have significant impact.
  • The aim of our films is not merely to explain, but first and foremost to foster support and commitment.
  • The target group comprises at least hundreds or thousands of people. Employees, customers, citizens, students, patients – these are the people that it’s all about. The change is based on a new outlook on a problem or the organisation. 
  • The change can only succeed if the target group understands why change is required, and how they can contribute themselves.
  • And, last but not least, you can’t shy away from some self-deprecation, self-reflection and a little humour in a change animation video. 
Of course, we can’t work magic. In order to reach the results above, our commissioner must give us room, be open to humour in the narrative, and allow for grievances to be discussed candidly.

Our whiteboard team

Johanna Kroon – screenwriter
Johanna Kroon, our screenwriter, is the first person on our team to jump to action. Change communication is her speciality. Johanna interviews the people involved to help her establish a believeable script. Her questions are very thorough, and she won’t shy away from tackling difficult subjects. You can read more about her ideas on her website.
Lex Dirkse – artist

Lex Dirkse is our creative hand. His drawings are more than just window dressing: they reinforce the message, are funny, and they bind all the different elements of the script together. Undrawable concepts are no match for Lex – he will never fail to surprise us with a creative solution.
Jos Wabeke and his men – Brandspanking

The time has come for all the elements to be polished to a sheen and provided with special effects and animations. For this visual finishing, we call on Jos Wabeke and his men at Brandspanking, video editing wizards.
Jeroen Nadorp – sound effects expert

Bob Kommer Studios’ Jeroen Nadorp truly brings the video to life. His foley work is reminiscent of radio dramas. Footsteps on a gravel road, the rustling of leaves, the screeching of gulls – he manages to pull all of these atmosphere enhancers out of a couple of boxes filled with coconuts, scourers and lego bricks. The finishing touch!
P&P’s role

We, Paula Rennings and Pieter Vlamings, oversee the entire process. We ensure a smooth production from A to Z. P&P give a quote, make sure the schedule is adhered to, keep an eye on the coherence of the project, facilitate the people involved, and guarantee a perfectly made film delivered on time.

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