When a Whiteboard Film?

A whiteboard film is often referred to as a drawn film.
Below is a list of possibilities for using a whiteboard animation film and what our added value for your organization is during the making of such a film.

Films about Changes

Almost every change within an organization causes agitation. So the question is: how do you convert that turmoil into productive energy and support? Our Whiteboard films and working method are very suitable for this. Our videos are humorous and soothe old sores. They help make room for constructive dialogue.
See, for example, 'Horen Zien en Zeggen' the production we made for the Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance (in Dutch)


An explanation film briefly explains how something works or what the procedure is. Explanation films are especially needed if the content is abstract and not sexy. For example, the Municipality of The Hague wanted a simple explanation video about the complicated process of applying for a renovation Permit. Another example is this explanation film about the new Gemeentepolis made instead of BS&F. (both in Dutch)

Films for Effective Training

These films emphasize the need to work better, such as this film about patient safety: “Meneer Berghuis maakt zich zorgenwas commissioned by all Nursing Schools and Dutch Hospitals. (In Dutch)

Films for Public Information

These films are needed to inform a target group that is often difficult to reach. For example people who get caught in their debts. "Cup of coffee bailiff?" was commissioned by the municipality of Zoetermeer about the elimination of debts. Or sometimes an organization just wants to say what they exactly stand for. View the corporate story of Woningstichting Tiwos here. (In Dutch)

Films about Long-Term Policy Plans

A multi-year policy plan is often a new course and therefore .... a change. Communicating such a plan is an art in itself. How do you give people a good idea of the new direction?
Just look at the movie: 'Long-Term Policy Plan 2011-2014' from Avans University of Applied Sciences. Not only suitable for internal use,but also for external communication.

Made more than 100 films

But where are those films!? They are locked. Very often our films contain sensitive business information that the customer does not want to make public. Our films are often only used for internal communication.

What is the added value of P&P

In practice it appears that we are often supportive in the process of change management. In practice it appears that we are often supportive in the process of change management.
Together with our client, we make the film and act as a "process accelerator". This is our great and unexpected added value for the client. During the script phase, it becomes clear that there are very different ideas within the organization, that different accents are considered important. When the film is ready, there is ONE story that everyone agrees with, which contains handles and which people can use. The films that we make are ultimately a product of the change process.

Who can confirm this?  

Organizations like the Auditdienst Rijk, KPN, ABN•AMROASML, Alliander and Rijkswaterstaat  often choose a Whiteboard Film at P&P.

Our whiteboard team


Johanna Kroon – screenwriter

Johanna Kroon, our screenwriter, is the first person on our team to jump to action. Change communication is her speciality. Johanna interviews the people involved to help her establish a believeable script. Her questions are very thorough, and she won’t shy away from tackling difficult subjects. You can read more about her ideas on her website.

Lex Dirkse – artist

Lex Dirkse is our creative hand. His drawings are more than just window dressing: they reinforce the message, are funny, and they bind all the different elements of the script together. Undrawable concepts are no match for Lex – he will never fail to surprise us with a creative solution.


Jos Wabeke and his men – Brandspanking

The time has come for all the elements to be polished to a sheen and provided with special effects and animations. For this visual finishing, we call on Jos Wabeke and his men at Brandspanking, video editing wizards.

Jeroen Nadorp – sound effects expert

Bob Kommer Studios’ Jeroen Nadorp truly brings the video to life. His foley work is reminiscent of radio dramas. Footsteps on a gravel road, the rustling of leaves, the screeching of gulls – he manages to pull all of these atmosphere enhancers out of a couple of boxes filled with coconuts, scourers and lego bricks. The finishing touch!

P&P’s role

We, Paula Rennings and Pieter Vlamings, oversee the entire process. We ensure a smooth production from A to Z. P&P give a quote, make sure the schedule is adhered to, keep an eye on the coherence of the project, facilitate the people involved, and guarantee a perfectly made film delivered on time.

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