What is Storytelling and how can you use it?

With storytelling, you provide information about your product or service with a personal and authentic story. Stories that inspire, move and influence customers.

Below are examples to convey a message in different ways.

Storytelling with video

We made this trailer to tell the story of Henk Cornelissen.
What moves this artist? What drives him and when did he decide to make this work?
By means of this movietrailer we want to raise funds to make his work public and to organize an exhibition.
Storytelling is also very useful for having an authentic corporate film made. Like Pictura deed with the film:'Kors chooses Pictura' (in Dutch)


A lightboard film looks like a whiteboard film, but the black background gives it its own character. Plus a lightboard gives the possibility to let people on screen respond to the drawings.
Picasso has inspired us with this film.
This lightboardfilm that we made for the Dutch Client Council and that we would like to show is, unfortunately, still under embargo until 11 April. (in Dutch)

Have a Explanimation (Explaner) made

There is a story to be told in every organization.
An "explanimation" (explanation + animation) is actually a fancy word for an explanation animation or explanation video.
It is a short explanation video in which you quickly explain how complex products, services, systems or processes work.
You can also have an explanation made to present a summary of an annual report or to providing insight into complex reports.

We can do this with clay, cut-out, stop motion or drawn animations. Like this movie we made for Ricoh in English
Other animation films we have made:​

An explanation video (Explainer) made with stock material

A series of 14 films commissioned by Avans Hogeschool. They wanted to give HAVO3 students information about their Profile choice.
To give a picture of all professional fields, a lot and diverse material is needed, which means a lot of locations and shooting days.
To keep the budget under control, we have suggested that Avans also purchase stock material.

​Drone Film

Drone Film or an aerial shot always have something majestic, probably because we cannot see the world from that point of view.
Aerial shots are, for example, suitable for films that have to do with sustainability.


Do you have satisfied customers and do you want to communicate that on Linkedin or Facebook, for example?
We only recently discovered this possibility, which is why this example is about ourselves.

A Promo

For the book: 'Het Pillenprobleem' by Dick Bijl we make a series of short promotional films that he uses for an affordable publicity campaign on various social media and his website. 
Other films from this series: (In Dutch)


We made this crowdfunding movie for the band 'De Nazaten'.The goal was to be able to record and release the new CD 'Als de haan tanden krijgt' . They have achieved their goal! (In Dutch)


A commercial that we created and made to generate attention for a major Yoga event for the CliniClowns. 
Other commercials we made: